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About Me

Hi all! My name is Michelle. I am a 20 year old artist who works in both digital and traditional, with past works in web development.

4th year university student majoring in Environmental Studies, hoping to pursue grad school in the future in the realm of international development and energy policy.

Art is escape from work, school, and responsibilities so being able to share my creativity and artwork to people is always really awesome!

In my spare time I like experimenting with healthy cooking, going on hikes, write, draw, and play my guitar. I also like painting little happy trees. Maybe one right there. And going a little crazy while I'm at it.

I use Photoshop CS6 and Wacom Intuos Pro Medium tablet.

[New Year Resolutions] - Do you try and fulfill your resolutions? 

1 deviant said Somewhat - I try to
No deviants said Yes - I take them seriously
No deviants said No - I always end up forgetting them


I just found my 2015 resolutions I wrote last year and I thought it would be a nice exercise to go back and review them and see how far I've gone to achieving them - since I totally forgot about the resolutions!

2015 Resolutions:
  •  Get accepted to a co-op job paying at least 12$/hr full-time
    • I got accepted into the co-op program at my university but left it due to unprofessionalism on the part of my advisors and lack of guidance, positions available in my field, and the insane costs I had to pay to get a self-found co-op job verified by my university. I found it unhelpful, so I focused on volunteering, joining student unions, and taking part in experiential learning programs instead. Right now I finally got accepted after a year (applications back in September) into a Work-Study program that would pay about the same amount for a semester, part-time, at my university. I would hopefully start next semester, and I would be working on more research-based projects at my university! I feel this was a better decision on my part so I could focus on my classes, graduate on time (instead of graduating later), and still earn around $12/hr part-time. So I guess I kind of reached this resolution in a weird, convoluted way? Anyways, it feels weird not being employed for a year after quitting my retail job to focus on my studies, but I am looking forward to working again next semester!

  •        Get B+'s in all my 5 courses, and aim for an A- or an A in all of them (3.5 or 4.0 GPA)
    • Actually achieved this! I got my grades back and I got B+'s in all my 5 courses, which really helped boost up my GPA/CGPA for grad school. I worked insanely hard (my faculty's grading scheme is hard; an A is a 90% and virtually unobtainable) and hopefully I can see similar results again next semester!

  •        After co-op (April-August), move out in September with my boyfriend
    • Postponed moving out with the boyfriend, until after graduation in 1.5 years - I did move back home after settling things with my parents after being kicked out. I'm currently writing this at home and had spent Christmas finally at home again, which I'm super thankful for. 

  •        Finish prototype for Mythflow, 80% in programming and 30% in art completed
    • I scrapped Mythflow for a while, due to university. 

  •        Dabble in oil painting, water-color, and paint on large canvases
    • I started traditional painting in September because digital art is hard for me to find time to do, especially with my courseload. I started painting on canvases and recently was gifted some oil paints for Christmas. I probably won't work with oils yet, but will work up to them hopefully in the new year!

  •        Continue digital painting and working out kinks, focus on completing large paintings
    • Still need to work on this - but I've really tried focusing on my weaknesses when it came down to painting digitally or traditionally. Slow progress is still progress, and hopefully in the new year I would have more time to devote to digital painting.

  •        Paint 1 complete digital poster a month, 12 in total for 2015
    • HAHA nope, scrapped this - it took longer than I thought it would, to paint one complete poster so I stopped doing this.

  •        Finish new draft of Mars on Earth novel by September
    • Nope - but I would love to finish a new draft by Christmas next year, since I'd be more settled down with school and work and home life so I probably would have more time to write.

  •        Experiment with new dishes, cooking, baking, and continue to eat healthier
    • Yeup - I learned to cook, bake some delicious stuff, and I'm eating much healthier now. I stopped eating outside at restaurants regularly and I'm now used to cooking my own meals.

  •        Stick with exercise regiment I will be doing along with my boyfriend come January
    • Somewhat - Boyfriend is better with his exercise regime at the gym, but I would probably pick something up in the new year to really hammer down into a routine. We're thinking of taking dance lessons, or I could go to the gym while he swims, but how often would depend on our school and work load in the new year. I will definitely make this a new priority in 2016!

  •        Become more financially savvy and learn to budget and invest even more wisely than now
    • Yeup - living on my own for a year has really helped me understand budgeting, saving, and investing. I can't really invest yet, but I feel I'm more financially savvy now that I have to handle all my own finances, since I am keeping mine completely separate from my mom and dad. Long story short, they aren't the best with finances, and I certainly don't want to be dragged down due to their bad financial decisions. I feel so much more confident now to really save, earn money, apply for jobs and work, and also to make rational decisions about my purchases, and also to be able to find good deals when they happen. Also, I became a lot better at planning for the long-term, because I have to anyways, if I am to move out in 1.5 years and work for a year before going to grad school!

  •        Live in my own apartment by September
    • See above: postponed to 1.5 years later when my boyfriend and I graduate!

  •        Join a volunteer organization and pursue activities along like-minded individuals again
    • I joined two student unions in my faculty, and I participated in an experimential and interdisciplinary program at my university. Both were amazing experiences and I feel that through them I really effectively used my time in the Fall semester! 

And now onwards, to 2016: 

My goals for this year are pretty simple: 
  1. Survive next semester - 19 credit semester, plus work - study. Get B+'s again, shoot for A's!
  2. Get accepted into my ideal work-study position, and do a good job!
  3. Become more familiar with academic research in preparation for grad-school aspirations
  4. Perhaps, look into working on an undergraduate research project or report
  5. Continue working with city staff on some relevant, environmental related research projects
  6. Find a less, time-consuming physical exercise activity to do per week
  7. Continue painting on canvases - in the later half of the year, look into oil painting or art lessons
  8. Start working on re-writing Mars on Earth.
  9. Apply to an international teaching program in February, get accepted, and go teach in my home country in Taiwan for the summer (thus celebrating my 21st birthday abroad!)
  10. Spend time with my family and boyfriend!

I feel that from Jan. 1st, 2015 to today, I have matured and grown a lot as an individual. This year I also hit 20 years old, so I guess it comes with age. I still have a lot of growth and learning to do, but I feel that I'm more focused and able to take on bigger challenges and responsibilities in the new year than I did before. In any case, I'm excited to see what 2016 would bring!

Happy Holidays!

  • Mood: Pleased
  • Listening to: Michael Buble
  • Reading: Mars on Earth
  • Drinking: Tea


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